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AYIR TECH was found in 2018 with the goal to provide business intelligence and web development meshed with a variety of technological services geared towards offering businesses a diversified medium to understand and capitalize on data for predictive and analytical purposes in order to compete in a growing and developing consumer market. With business intelligence on the rise and the advancements in consumer behavior businesses will need to tap into available resources that can meet the needs of their consumers and remain operable in an ever changing environment.

AYIR TECH is dedicated to providing the platform for businesses to succeed using our expertise and highly effective tools. It is our aim to ensure all our clients see a change in how they interact and respond to the consumer and its competitors. At AYIR TECH “we listen, we take action and we produce results”. We are the solution.

Our services

BI Consultation

Ayir Tech will provide our clients with expert knowledge on the right BI Software and Techniques suitable for performance improvements.  Our Team will provide guidance on the various data that can be leveraged from BI implementation in the day to day operations for meaningful results and high-level decision making. This can range from data mining, data analysis, predictive analysis. 


Web Development

Ayir Tech will design, implement and maintain custom web applications according to your business needs. We will create web solutions that are not only mobile friendly but people friendly. We are user experience oriented. Tired of collecting cash on delivery? Ayir Tech is also your e-commerce solution. We can deliver all your web application needs.

Website Analysis

Do you have an existing website and you are just not sure how it performs? Ayir Tech is your solution for load and penetration tests. We will also test the security of your website. We will not only test but also suggest solutions to improve your website. Ayir Tech is also your solution for Search Engine Optimization. Contact our sales team today.

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We Also Provide

Database Management

Ayir Tech will design and implement database solutions for your business. Ayir Tech will also maintain any existing database you already have in place. Speak with one of our experts today to find out what is the best solution for you.

Server Management

Are you tired of your server applications going down without your knowledge? Ayir Tech will provide solutions to that will help you minimize down times. Ayir Tech is also your solution to keep your servers up to date with the latest security updates. We will ensure that your servers are PCI compliant.

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